About Enlist

Enlist Resources is an award-winning, Bahrain-based IT Outsourcing and IT Consulting. For over a decade we've been helping high-performance organizations build their team. This list includes numerous Fortune 500 companies too. Our major focus is on helping consultants utilize a comprehensive evaluation and assessment process to match top companies with the best talent in a quick and efficient way. Headquartered in Bahrain, Enlist has its presence in Saudi, UAE, India and UK.

Our approach towards ``IT Outsourcing & IT Consulting`` is consistent regardless of the location of our people and we look forward to quickly deliver the right team, with the right experience and expertise to any client, anywhere across our areas of operation. We are promoted by a team of experienced IT, HR & Management professionals having more than 25 years of expertise in offering temporary, contract, temp-to-hire, direct hire, IT Outsourcing & IT Consulting.

Our corporate philosophy is to provide professionalism in services, customer satisfaction and delight at all times. 

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Why Choose Us Over Others?

Over the past  decade we have developed a solid strategy, resulting in substantial worldwide growth. We believe we provide the best working environment for our staff, as well as an unrivalled level of service to our clients and candidates. We have customers within most sectors and markets. Among others, we have major groups of customers within banking and finance, local and national government, healthcare, oil and gas, the processing industry and production.

Our employees get to work with the most exciting and interesting customers and projects. Therefore, you too will work on projects which have a direct impact on the general public. We want to be 'the best' in our industry – a premium IT Outsourcing and IT Consulting with the ‘care' of a small boutique and the delivery scope of a major player. You need the right people to succeed. Enlist supports short-term, seasonal, high-volume and niche contract requirements. We also provide contract-to-hire talent for project-based support with the option to hire our contractors as permanent employees, or find the permanent top talent your company needs today. By listening to our clients’ business needs, we have gained a unique perspective into how we can help. 

    • Are you looking for a passionate team? We will be the one!
    • Are you hunting down for a hard working and result-oriented team? We are the one!
    • Are you looking for a Client-centric, transparent & user-friendly team? You've met the one!
    • Are you trying to locate a win-win partnership  business relationship? Come let's talk!
    • Are you looking for a team with in-depth understanding of the industry? We are already an expert!
    • Are you in search for a team with trained, experienced technology & business professionals. We are confident to say we're the one!


Founded in 2009, we have entered the 13th year in IT Outsourcing & IT Consulting in Bahrain, UAE, India and UK. With a presence in more than 5 countries, we are focused on helping our clients identify, engage and manage the right and talented resource.

We believe that IT Outsourcing & IT Consulting should not be complex but requires reach, connections, intelligence and market knowledge which brings together expertise in understanding people, their skills and their chosen market.