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Ensuring you outsource and retain the best talent!

Making the right choice when choosing a senior leader for your organization can be critical and can directly or indirectly affect your future success, culture, and performance. Whether you are looking for talent on a temporary, contract, or permanent basis, the IT staffing services at ENLIST will help you identify the most qualified IT talent for your needs. Our Key Account Managers and consultants work with you to identify your specific needs and requirements, and our teams of IT specialists ensure that you see the best available candidates with the skills and experience you are looking for. Our process starts with IT Outsourcing, IT Consulting staff and filtering profiles by the CTO office, and later sharing them with clients. We have expertise in specialized IT Outsourcing, IT Consulting, and talent management. Our special service offerings along with our local and global networks are those factors that drive highly qualified professionals across the world to come to us for their next big career challenge.

Project Sourcing

Project sourcing is a flexible way that companies can use to benefit from external specialists who can boost their in-house skill set or complete tasks outside of their expertise.

In this process, a company contracts another company

IT Contract Consulting

Finding the right workforce for your firm would look hectic without the right support or supervision. This is when the need for Enlist comes in. Experts and consultants at Enlist help you find the perfect pick by studying in

Customised approach to meet your needs

Every day at Enlist, you will meet and discuss with the most efficient and smartest IT professionals with a great business.  We conduct in-depth research about your requirement and offer personalized services that would account for the overall

Alleviate the challenges in senior appointments

Minimizing the risk factors hidden while appointing a senior teammate is another service offered by Enlist. Our effective and efficient approach helps to ensure that you have the right candidate in the right position for the right project to

Agile & effective integration of Resources

Getting accustomed to a new team and workforce would be a little difficult for a new joinee, no matter how well experienced they are. The first few weeks in a fresh job role can be crucial determinants for future